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Animal Collective's
We Tigers
Album Sung Tongs
Released June 1, 2004
Length 2:43
Label Fat Cat
Producer Rusty Santos
We Tigers
Mouth Wooed Her


"May I bang with this?"

I'm like this, and you're like this...
(We tigers, we tigers, woop!)

Hey kids, let's pick up sticks, let's make out the sounds of our own,
All dogs invited if everything feels wrong then we need a little bangin' goin on
1-2-3 arms for the trees, self seekers vomiting doubts,
I changed all your words but my poltergeist concurs that words aren't even necessary right now
But I'm a noisy singer singing out at a dinner "Dinners are much stranger now"
Everybody's morphin', everybody's morphin'...

Tigers tigers tigers tigers tigers tigers
Kaytidid a katydid
Ogres ogres ogres ogres ogres ogres

I've felt worse but I feel the curse of knowing what I shouldn't be,
I don't know where we'll go but let's walk around and pretend we're everything we see,
Kiss for a kiss, love change for chips, rules; but I thought you and I,
Remember you young duck you crashed at my apartment you kept me up and made me smile
Now I'm a noisy singer singing out at a dinner "Dinners are much stranger now"
Everybody's morphin, Everybody's morphin...

Tigers tigers tigers tigers tigers tigers...

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