Animal Collective's
Lablakely Dress
Album Danse Manatee
Released July, 2001
Length 2:38
Label Catsup Plate, Fat Cat
Ahhh Good Country
Lablakely Dress
In the Singing Box
Animal Collective's
Lablakely Dress
Album Hollinndagain
Released 2002
Length 5:23
Label St. Ives, Paw Tracks
There's an Arrow
Lablakely Dress
Tell It to the Mountain


My lady, your Lablakeley dress descending from your shoulders
It's lifting me up in surprise, I thought I've gone away
Your body rhythm shifts about and sends me sweet aromas
That little sparkle in your life, it's sugar on my day
I want to sleep with you at night and wake up on your toes
As I kiss softly from your stomach where we lay

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