Animal Collective's
Honeycomb AlbumCover
Album Honeycomb / Gotham
Released May 6, 2012
Length 3:03
Label Domino
Producer Bob Allen


How many times have you said,
"I'm through with this." and you mull it over

How many times have you said,
"I'm sticking to this." and you pull it over

How many times have you said,
"I'm finished with this." and it starts all over

Have many times have you said,
"I'm moving to this." but it won't move over

How many times will you say,
"I've had today and I'm just keeping low."
Have you seen the other side of life inside the hive

How many times will you wait for nothing today
Then evening is over
Let's go and lay the glowing light in the front of your eyes

If you fill up your heart
It spills outside
You'll find everything inside of the heart up on top of the hive
And you'll fight like a dog
You won't know why
Even in all the impossible places you'll go in your life

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