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Animal Collective's
Album Fall Be Kind
Released November 23, 2009
Label Domino
Producer Ben Allen
What Would I Want? Sky


Let me begin feels good 'cause it's early
Ease open my eyes and let light in
Some ideas are brewing
The radio abides with flying string
Old ideas worth doing
Are taking their time

Fine let's not hurry
It's our morning
(Spread out)
Let's not worry, it's our morning
(Spread out)

How does a band turn into such a thing
If I had a hand what would you say about
What's in my face
That warrants all this sass
And to have a band that cracks the point of fame
Why does a man like me
Let's settle in
Rounding up my friends,
We might not feel so bad
Once in a while, I'll take a bit to smile
Some daydreams marked
By many little strikes out

(Let me begin - repeat)

Comfort, comfort why do you run for it?
Why can't you keep doing
What you're supposed to do?
Why can't I reach you?
When I most need you
You're at the beach and
I'm in some strange bed

Comfort, comfort
Why do you run for it?
Why can't you keep doing
What you're supposed to do?

Why do you have to go?
Why do you have to go?
I'm in the dark unknown
And you're staying home

(Let me begin)

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