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Animal Collective's
Bat You'll Fly
Album Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished
Released August, 2000
Length 5:03
Label Animal, Fat Cat
Writer Avey Tare
La Rapet
Bat You'll Fly
Someday I'll Grow to Be as Tall as the Giant


I've been listening in to the bar of sunset valley, switch them off!
What road's the Indian way? I bet you never have drove
(I'll follow a swallow)

Am late instead, when you wake up late
I've got a Velcro shoes, it's a holiday
And run into the village, I'll follow
'Cause happiness ain't being a swallow

A dark fate, oh me, old
Beware, well, she's here, smile
You'll find reasons to pout with all the seasons
Power hope infuses the blood of the child, die

Don't you worry, I'm your brother
Pinch right fairy, you'll recover
He said, he said, he said, he said
Ooma ma ma, ma ma mama ma, ma ma mama, bahhh, ma la la

Milk is a very beautiful place, I go often in Saigon
Usually we have socks and my compass to outdoor
(like a mate-uh, 'cause it's winter)

On a summer day there's a billion way
And the leaves are golden and the trees are colder
A crouch under a bush like a mate-uh,
'Cause happiness ain't lovin' it's waiter

So long, bye, thrown back out
Your plan on your hands, was tired to shake
Streets are powered, with people lovin',
Words are destined to break and the bats will fly

If there's trouble, I'm your lover
You talk subtle, but that's just a cover
He said, he said, he said, he said
Ooma ma ma, ma ma mama ma, ma ma mama, bahhh, ma la la

Lame, lame, the doctor only picks what he wants
Sage, we's a give it to the beat, 'sup now?
Madeline, I was welling from the Westering wind
A moment's range, your mother's second girl is gone

I couldn't trust you (but couldn't I support you well?)
I couldn't touch out (better let the building high)
I couldn't touch you (I'll be livin' in the building now)
I couldn't teach you (to be better than a building)

Swallow, do you wanna? C'mon and we'll ride in my buggy
Take me 'cross the Indian waves and we'll swim with the great whites
(the wild, a child)

Now house feels bad, and your mother, lonely
And your village cries, 'cause the kid is older
But you can still think back to the wild,
'Cause happiness was being a child

My bones see for your eyes
When the time she's here is nigh
You'll find razors, doubt always saves 'em,
I am the reason that the child dies

Every morning I'm your brother,
memory's impression painter of,
He said, he said, he said, he said
Ooma ma ma, ma ma mama ma, ma ma mama, bahhh, ma la la

Bang! Nail, a doctor only preach like one
Space, so give it to the preacher now
Madeline is hanging from the West-wing field
And a moment rang and the moment said, "Your girl is gone"

I could have told you (to be little in the pouring down)
I couldn't touch out (to be little in the living red sun)
I couldn't touch you (to be livin' in the pounding drum)
I couldn't teach you (to be livin', off far away)

Don't you pray guitar, little play-date
Right as stamping gin to the powerless
I won't wait for you in a mural if
You won't wait for me in Albania

I feel so elusive in Houston, you feel so exclusive in Houston
I feel so elusive in Houston, you feel so reclusive in Houston

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