Animal crack box
Released May 11, 2009
Recorded 2000-2003
Genre Noise pop, freak folk
Label Catsup Plate
Reviews Pitchfork 7.5/10

Track listingEdit

A1. Jimmy Raven
A2. Ahhh Good Country
A3. Iko Ovo

B1. Pumpkin Gets a Snakebite
B2. Pumpkin's Hallucination
B3. Pumpkin's Funeral

C1. Jungle Heat
C2. Hey Friend
C3. De Soto De Son

D1. Oh Sweet
D2. Young Prayer #2
D3. Do the Nurse

E1. Ice Cream Factory
E2. Hey Light
E3. Two Sails

F1. Don't Believe the Pilot
F2. Who Could Win a Rabbit
F3. Mouth Wooed Her
F4. Covered in Frogs
F5. We Tigers

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